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Normalcy, Not Nostrums. 2012

The Normalcy, Not Nostrums exhibition is a critique of the core of American economic policy: The Federal Reserve. The exhibition's centerpiece, A Gown For Lady Liberty, is made of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, wherein each letter "A" has been changed to a scarlet red. As such, it suggests the adulteration of American liberties at the hand of central banking. The exhibition addresses other related subjects as well. The video piece, Pay No Attention (The Chairman's Confession), references Frank L. Baum's Wizard of OZ to critique issues surrounding the Federal Reserve's use of fiat money. In the video, the Chairman repeats the phrase "My people have been here for so long that most of them think it really is an emerald city." The sculpture Zero Percent Interest, a glass jar filled with honey and oil that references Proverbs 5:3, prods at the problems of the Federal Reserve's methods of manipulating the Federal Funds Rate. The woodblock prints are compositions taken from Russian and Soviet posters. The content has been recontextualized with contemporary American economic issues. The prints are layered with complexity as the original content of the prints informs the contemporary. The original compositions are faintly painted on the wall behind the prints. 

For more information, please download Colby Stephens' PDF catalog.

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