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The Nevada Horizon Lines event is the initial manifestation of a continuing collaborative project by visual artists Claire and Colby Stephens. Claire and Colby came to Nevada from Western Oregon. While beautiful, Western Oregon often does not offer the continuous 360 degree vistas which are available to the eye in Nevada. Struck by the vastness of the wilderness here, the pair subsequently recorded some of these panoramic vistas, and translated their contours onto musical staves. These translated lines were then given to local composers, Bob Schuler and Elizabeth White, who subsequently have reinterpreted the Nevada landscape as music. To give additional context to the idea of the line, several local artists, writers, and educators will read brief written pieces on the subject. Further, a site-specific art installation will guide viewers through the WeChMe landscape. Through these three elements: musical, literary, visual, the event seeks to recontextualize the way that one thinks about one's relationship to, and the relationship between, line (one dimension) and space (three dimensions).


This free event intends to encourage a dialog about the way that the community understands and experiences space in Nevada, and thus engages an educational quality. The project also brings a variety of groups and people together to work collectively, fostering relationships between the University of Nevada, Reno, Washoe County Parks, local artists, writers and composers. It also encourages community collaboration across a variety of disciplines: visual art, environment, music, and literature.


To learn more please click on the link below.

On September 27, 2013 viewers gathered at the WeChMe facility in the Galena Creek Park to listen to a live orchestral group perform music based on Nevada's topography.

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