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Colby Stephens is an artist, researcher, writer, and political activist based in Oregon City, OR. His art media are selected as a means to embodying the conceptual content of his work, which often addresses politics, economics, social justice, place-making, and the landscape

Stephens' work seeks to both synthesize his research and unpack it for the viewer. The use of historical and literary references, appropriation, myth, and allegory add conceptual depth to his work. While Stephens' goal is to inform his viewers, he does not intend to tell people what to think. Instead, he hopes to encourage viewers to have thoughtful intellectual engagement with the issues he presents. Despite the strong nature of his social and political critiques, Stephens intends to avoid the pitfalls of the divisive rhetoric so prevalent in today's political discourse. He further seeks to encourage and foster civic participation among his viewers.


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