Curriculum Vitæ

Present:     Master of Fine Arts Candidate. University of Nevada. Reno, NV
2011          Bachelor of Fine Arts. Southern Oregon University. Ashland, OR

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2010          Deconstruction. Retzlaff Gallery. Ashland, OR.

                   Those are My Ideas. Boise Cascade Gallery. Ashland, OR.
2011          Positive/Negative. Retzlaff Gallery. Ashland, OR.

2012          Normalcy, Not Nostrums. Sierra Arts Gallery. Reno, NV

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2009          Student Show. SU Gallery. Ashland, OR.
                   Seeds and Sparks. SPE NW Conference. Seattle, WA.
2010          Ice and Light. Beyond Borders. Bellingham, WA.
                   Containers of Consumption 1 thru 3. Blackfish Gallery. Portland, OR.
                   Don't. Art Chairs Gallery. Ashland, OR.
2011          Don't. Retzlaff Gallery, Hannon Library. Ashland, OR.
                   Artifacts. Meyer Memorial Gallery. Ashland, OR.
                   Schnieder Merit Award Artists. Boise Cascade Gallery. Ashland, OR.
2012          UNR Student Juried Show. Reno, NV.
                   Cross Section. Front Door Gallery, UNR. Reno, NV
                   FICTILIS Astoria. The Lab. San Francisco, CA.

                   Renewal of Neglected Space. GASA House. Reno, NV

2013          UNR Student Juried Show. Reno, NV

                  Flight. Student Galleries South. Reno, NV

Permanent Installation/Commission:
                   2009. Chemical Forms. Southern Oregon University Chemistry Dpt. Ashland, OR.

2009         Thomas, Teresa. "Art Moves Outdoors at SOU." Mail Tribune. 23 Oct. 2009
2011         Aldous, Viki. "A Light Inside Melting Ice." Mail Tribune 15 Jan. 2011
                  Aldous, Viki.  "Positive/Negative." Ashland Daily Tidings. 15 Jan. 2011

2010         Nominated for ISC Outstanding Student Achievement Award
                  Leon Mulling Award.
                  SOU Representative at Blackfish Gallery
                  Beyond Borders Honorable Mention
2011         Schneider Merit Award in Art

2012         Reno Gazette Journal Silver Pen Award

2013         UNR Art Award

Related Work Experience:
2012        Instructor UNR (through present.)

                 CCAI Artist in Education, Carson City, NV. (through present.)
2011        Hannon Library Special Collections Photographer
2010        Assisted Mike Rathbun's Schneider Museum Installation.
2008        Foundry Worker, Precision Castparts Corporation.